British Columbia Institute of Technology
The British Columbia Institute of Technology, established in 1964, is a public post-secondary institution noted for providing advanced technical education. It may be found in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. BCIT was the region's first to offer a combined honours degree in Biochemistry and Forensic Science. Admission to British Columbia Institute of Technology is renowned as the largest trades and apprenticeship institute in Western Canada, as well as the only institute in Western Canada to provide the Prosthetics and Orthotics Training Program. The institute currently offers certificates and diplomas, as well as bachelor's and master's degrees, in a range of subjects such as Applied & Natural Sciences, Engineering, Business and Media, Computing & IT, Health Sciences, and Trades & Apprenticeships.

Cost of attendance

For abroad students, the average yearly cost of attendance for Undergraduate Programs is 1,135,193 INR/Year, while the cost of attendance for Post Graduate Programs is around 2,079,207 INR/Year. The sum may differ depending on the course selected, the type of lodging, and the candidate's own spending habits.


The institute provides both on-campus and off-campus accommodation options. Students wishing to study in Canada can choose between long-term and short-term housing choices. On campus, there are seven low-rise, split-level buildings, four suites with twelve bedrooms, one Resident Advisor apartment, and a laundry facility. On-campus housing costs about $3,732.33. Depending on lifestyle and preferences, the average cost of living in Canada as a student ranges from 15,000 to 20,000 CAD. In Canada, this varies from province to province.

Acceptance rate

The university has a total of 49348 students enrolled. When you study at BCIT, you will be among more than 6,500 students from 116 countries. British Columbia Institute of Technology Burnaby has a 43 percent acceptance rate.


The British Columbia Institute of Technology is spread across five campuses: Burnaby, Aerospace Technology, Marine, Annacis Island, and Downtown Vancouver. The British Columbia Institute of Technology Campus is beautifully spread throughout a huge area and has hundreds of specialised learning spaces such as classrooms, stores, labs, television studios, green roofs, energy grids, forests, and streams. The campus is equipped with cutting-edge services and technologies such as Trade Learning Centers, Test Centers, Media Works, and ehPod computer labs. There are recreation buildings on campus, as well as a gym, fitness centres, dancing classes, yoga and pilates, martial arts, and sports facilities.


The ACBSP accredits business, accounting, and business-related programmes at the associate, bachelor, master's, and doctorate levels throughout the world. The ACBSP has accredited BCIT for the following programmes: Programs of Study: Bachelor's degree in accounting

Jobs and Placement

The institute emphasises workplace education and encourages students to seek out and arrange their own employment placements within the university. The institute has a digital system called "The Bridge" that helps students connect with businesses and simplifies the placement process. The college places a strong emphasis on career-related activities. Students are helped to find their perfect jobs in Canada. This provides them with the necessary experience to deal with the impending obstacles in their lives. Graduates of the apprenticeship programme earn $32 per hour, certificate and diploma programme graduates earn $22, and degree programme graduates earn $65,000 per year.

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