Centennial College
Centennial College began as a local community college in Ontario, Canada, more than five decades ago. The institute currently has a global footprint thanks to multiple collaboration networks and an innovative growth plan. The college self-identifies as an all-treaty college. Centennial College began working with Mississauga communities and is now present in nations including as India, China, South Korea, and Brazil. Centennial College currently offers about 160 full-time and approximately 150 part-time programmes in business, communications, community and health studies, general arts, English language studies, engineering technology, hospitality, tourism, and transportation. The majority of full-time programmes last from 8 months to 4 years.

Cost of attendance

The average annual cost of attendance for Undergraduate Programs provided to overseas students is 955,347 INR / Year. The amount may vary depending on the course chosen, the type of lodging, and the candidate's personal spending habits.


At Centennial College, residence accommodations are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. On-campus life at CC gives students from all over the world with an engaging experience and serves as their home away from home. Centennial's housing starts at 1000 CAD (0.61 lakhs) each payment per person. CC College has partnered with Places4Students Inc. to provide all off-campus housing assistance to its applicants. Off-campus housing near Centennial begins at 950 CAD per month (0.57 lakhs per month).

Acceptance rate

Centennial's international education community is where the world meets, with over 14,000 foreign and exchange students enrolling this year. Centennial College has an acceptance rate of more than 60%.


CC has five campuses: Progress, Ashtonbee, Morningside, Story Arts Centre, and Eglinton. Progress Campus (Main Campus): Centennial College's main campus, which houses the schools of business and hospitality, tourism and culture, advanced manufacturing and automation engineering technology, and several child studies and community service programmes.


Centennial College is accredited by the Canadian Technology Accreditation Board (CTAB) to provide over 25 nationally recognized engineering technician/ technology programs to students from all over the world.

Jobs and Placement

Centennial College strives to assist its students as much as possible throughout their employment journey. The college assists its students in obtaining employment at the most reputable organisations by assisting them in establishing the necessary skill set, knowledge, interpersonal skills, experiences, and contacts. According to one of Centennial College's employee surveys, 84 percent of graduates were employed in their respective positions within six months of graduation. However, after 5 years of graduation, the employment rate approaches 95%. Centennial College graduates earn an average salary of 19 lakhs.

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