Curtin University
Curtin University, established in 1966 as Australia's first university of technology, is an innovative, global university. Curtin University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programmes in ten different academic areas or disciplines. It also has over 80 partner universities and 90 exchange partnerships in over 20 countries around the world for higher education in Australia.

Cost of attendance

The tuition fee of the course is about 29,200 to 39,200 AUD (~16.4-22 lakh INR). The weekly miscellaneous expenses ranges around 20-440 AUD (~1,100-24,700 INR).


According to Curtin University evaluations, both single and shared lodgings are available, and supermarkets, restaurants, and stores are all within walking distance. Because on-campus housing is always in high demand, students who are new to Perth are given preference. The cost of on-campus living is approximately $175 per week. Off-campus housing alternatives are also accessible to students. There are numerous options for lodging, ranging from homestays to shared apartments. The typical monthly rent for off-campus living is 600 to 800 AUD.

Acceptance rate

With an acceptance rate of 50%, the university maintains a moderately competitive admission policy. There are over 50,000 students enrolled at the university. Out of the total student body, 25% are international students hailing from around 100 countries all over the world.


The institution has a number of sites both within and outside of Australia, with Curtin University in Perth being the oldest. Curtin University also has locations in Dubai, Malaysia, Mauritius, and Singapore. All of the campuses provide all of the necessary amenities for a student's academic and personal development, as well as a quiet learning environment. The campuses now have cafes, restaurants, retail stores, and chemist shops. The Curtin University campus in Perth, located on Australia's picturesque west coast, is more cheap than other cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. The library comprises thousands of books, journals, research papers, and novels in addition to the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library collection. On campus, there are around 1,000 locations for students to stay.


Curtin College is a member of Independent Higher Education Australia and accredited by TEQSA to ensure high quality teaching.

Jobs and Placement

Students benefit from Curtin's global reputation for strong industry linkages and commitment to producing career-ready graduates. Students are assisted in finding part-time jobs to help them support themselves while they study at the university. It also offers career planning services to assist students in determining their next course of study or career path, and the Global Careers service team can connect students with employers and help them find work in Australia and throughout the world. The university's recruitment department and job portal are solely focused on student employment opportunities. Master of Business Administration is the highest-paying degree, with an average yearly salary of 201,000 Australian dollars.

QS Ranking

#194 in World University Rankings (QS Ranking) in 2022

The Ranking

#251-300th World University Rankings by THE in 2022

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