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De Montfort University
DMU (De Montfort University) is a public university in Leicester, England. The university, which was founded in 1870 as the Leicester School of Art, has gone through various incarnations, including Leicester Colleges of Art and Technology and Leicester Polytechnic. De Montfort University has around 300 foundation, undergraduate, and graduate degree programmes. The institution also offers part-time and distance learning courses. The institution is divided into four faculties: The Arts, Design, and Humanities Faculty, the Business and Law Faculty, the Computing, Engineering, and Media Faculty, and the Health and Life Sciences Faculty.

Cost of attendance

Full-time foreign undergraduate tuition ranges between 14,200 and 15,900 GBP (14.19 to 15.9 lakh INR). The cost of postgraduate education varies based on the programme.


For on-campus housing, De Montfort University has ten residence halls. Housing options include traditional and suite-styled residential halls and apartment complexes. There are 2,500 vacant rooms, with weekly rates ranging from 99 to 186 GBP. On-campus housing is provided for international undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in full-time programmes. Monthly rent for privately rented home ranges between 300 and 600 GBP. Prices for homestays start at 120 GBP a week, which usually includes food and laundry.

Acceptance rate

There are 17131 students enrolled at the university. Over 2,700 international students from over 130 countries study with us each year. De Montford University's admissions process is relatively selective, with an acceptance rate of more than 80%.


De Montfort University's new campus is located at Gateway House in Leicester, England, and has excellent road, air, and rail connections. The school is around an hour's drive from East Midlands International Airport. Students get regular access to laboratories, studios, and workshops that are outfitted with cutting-edge experimental equipment. The main Kimberlin high-tech Library houses a diverse array of study materials such as books, collections, periodicals, and internet resources that may be accessed from anywhere. Except in exceptional situations, the facility is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Club memberships, student unions, and volunteer programmes are examples of extracurricular activities available to students on campus. There are around 150 student societies dedicated to academics, games and hobbies, cultures, religious views, food, and cinema.


Castle Business School is accredited by a number of accounting bodies, e.g. ACCA, CIMA and ICAEW.

Jobs and Placement

Students are permitted to work for 2 to 10 days with business or technology specialists to gain expertise. Another approach to get employable experience is to volunteer in a 12-week business consultation project as part of their programme. Students studying Executive Management and Change earn the highest average annual salary of 85,000 GBP (84 lakh INR). IBM, Vodafone, HSBC, Barclays Bank, IBM, Conceirge Technologies, Deloitte, BBC, and BMW are among the companies recruiting at the university.

QS Ranking

QS Top Universities 2022 World University Ranking: 801-1000

The Ranking

Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022: 601-800th

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