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The University of Northampton
The University of Northampton is a leading public university in Northampton, England. Northampton Technical College was formed in 1924, and the University of Northampton was constituted in 2005 through the combination of a number of vocational colleges. The same year, it was granted research degree-granting authority as well as full university status. Today, the University of Northampton provides a wide range of academic programmes, including Bachelor's, Master's, distance education, combined honours degrees, foundation degrees, and full research-based degrees up to the PhD level.

Cost of attendance

The average annual cost of attendance for Undergraduate Programs is 1,017,483 INR / Year, and the cost of attendance for Post Graduate Programs is roughly 1,095,920 INR / Year for overseas students. The amount may vary depending on the course chosen, the type of lodging, and the candidate's personal spending habits.


At Waterside Campus, Town Centre, and Scholars Green Student Village, the University of Northampton provides a variety of residential facilities, including halls of residence and privately-owned apartments. There are a variety of lodgings available at Student Village, including small and big ensuites, single studios, accessible rooms, and regular singles. Accommodation rates for 42 weeks range from 3,223 GBP to 7120 GBP depending on hall and room type. Monthly rent for off-campus housing ranges between 500 and 700 Pounds.

Acceptance rate

There are around 14,000 students registered at the university. Over 1000 foreign students from over 100 different countries attend the University of Northampton to pursue a variety of disciplines. The overall acceptance rate at the University of Northampton is 20%.


In 2018, the University of Northampton built a new Waterside Campus to replace its former Avenue and Park campuses. The older campuses are used as student residence halls, with around 16,000 rooms supplied with all basic necessities. The Waterside Campus student village is the new primary residence hall on the bank of the River Nene in Northampton Waterside. The primary sites of the University of Northampton are the Waterside Campus, Avenue and Park Campuses, as well as the Innovation Center. The newly built Waterside Campus adds to the College's theme of "Transforming Lives, Inspiring Change" by providing high-quality housing and education. Students Union provides convenient shops and supplies for students, including student clothing. Union also provides several volunteering and working opportunities for students.


The University of Northampton has become one of just two universities in the UK to receive accreditation for its MBA programme from the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS).

Jobs and Placement

Students' future employment possibilities are enhanced by the University of Northampton's strong links with connected industry and work environment exposure. University of Northampton, a Changemaker Campus, focuses on innovative studies with employability support. According to yearly Destination of Leavers from Higher Education data (DLHE), 95 percent of University of Northampton graduates are in job or furthering their education within 6 months. For students who have not found full-time employment within 12 months of graduating from the University of Northampton, the university provides a three to six month paid internship or post-graduation support. Employees with a University of Northampton degree earn an average base income of $122k.

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