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University College Birmingham
In the mid-twentieth century, University College Birmingham (UCB) was founded as a technical college and was granted full degree-granting powers in 2007. UCB is well-known among international students who come from more than 60 countries in quest of a high-quality but affordable education. For overseas students, UCB now offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Cost of attendance

The average annual cost of attendance for Undergraduate Programs is 1,170,286 INR / Year, and the cost of attendance for Post Graduate Programs is roughly 1,272,050 INR / Year for overseas students. The amount may vary depending on the course chosen, the type of lodging, and the candidate's personal spending habits.


International students are encouraged to apply for on-campus housing at UCB resident halls as soon as feasible. The resident halls provide high-quality, inexpensive housing that is meant to provide the cosy home atmosphere that students want while studying abroad. The weekly rent for 2022/23 is £115 for basic, £132 for en suite, and £179 for twin. Monthly rent for off-campus housing ranges between 500 and 700 Pounds.

Acceptance rate

The university has approximately 7,500 students enrolled, of which 4,435 are undergraduates and 495 are graduate students. With approximately 1400 foreign students from over 60 countries represented on the UCB campus, the college has an admittance rate of 80-90 percent.


Six UCB campuses are within walking distance of Birmingham's city centre. These six campuses are located in the city's business and hotel district, ensuring that students at University College Birmingham have no shortage of work prospects. Over the previous five years, the institute has invested 130 million GBP in new campuses, equipment, and resources to substantially improve the overall student experience at UCB. UCB has a digital creative lab where ambitious online artists may gain hands-on experience making quality podcasts, promotional videos, and livestream material for social media. On-campus organisations and societies allow students to play football in a university league, practise pole exercise, organise eco events, and watch movies with friends.


A wide range of our undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses, as well as some higher level apprenticeships, will be accredited and awarded by the University of Warwick.

Jobs and Placement

UCB is one of the major placement providers in the UK, with tutors assisting students in obtaining relevant job experiences to supplement their academic study and acquire applicable skills. The average University College Birmingham income is around £38,628 per year.

QS Ranking

81th, in 2020 QS World University Rankings

The Ranking


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