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University of the West of Scotland
After the merging of the University of Paisley and Bell College, Hamilton, the University of the West of Scotland was created in 2007. There is a long history preceding the establishment of this university. This university now provides undergraduate, postgraduate, and post-experience programmes in business, computers, creative industries, education, engineering, health, life sciences, physical and chemical sciences, social sciences, and sports. The courses are also accessible in a variety of study styles, including full-time, part-time, and online. This institution also provides research degrees.

Cost of attendance

The average annual cost of attendance for Undergraduate Programs is 1,209,309 INR / Year, and the cost of attendance for Post Graduate Programs is roughly 1,048,020 INR / Year for overseas students. The amount may vary depending on the course chosen, the type of lodging, and the candidate's personal spending habits.


The university provides a variety of residence halls, ranging from modern en-suite/studio flats on the Ayr Campus to furnished flats in Paisley. For 38 weeks, on-campus housing costs between 3,686 GBP and 6,232 GBP. Monthly rent for off-campus housing ranges between 500 and 700 Pounds.

Acceptance rate

The university currently has 11161 students enrolled. We have over 3000 international students from countries that make up one-third of the world's population. With a 27.33 percent competitive acceptance rate.


This institution is located in Scotland and has four campuses in the towns of Paisley, Lanarkshire, Dumfries, and Ayr. The Paisley site is a few kilometres from central Glasgow and offers a variety of facilities, including midwifery classroom rooms and skills labs. The Lanarkshire campus is located in the Hamilton International Technology Park and features a gym, health and fitness facilities, auditorium, executive boardroom, conference space, executive lounge, nursing and midwifery laboratories, library, and computing facilities. The Dumfries campus encompasses 85 acres and is comprised of five historic buildings. It consists of four UWS academic schools and offers all basic amenities such as classrooms, lecture halls, a library, computing facilities, and catering services. 


UWS is officially recognised by Times Higher Education in the top 600 of universities worldwide and in the top 150 of universities worldwide under 50 years old.

Jobs and Placement

One of the distinguishing features of UWS placement is their scheme, which aims to better equip our students by providing them with hands-on experience in their chosen field while they study. Placements are an essential component of UWS professional registration programmes for courses in nursing, teaching, and social work. Rolls-Royce, GSK (GlaxoSmithKline), Balfour Beatty, IBM, Hilton, BBC, Channel 4, Network Rail, HP (Hewlett-Packard), Standard Life, and others are potential employers for University of the West of Scotland graduates. Bachelor of Science is the highest paying degree at the University of the West of Scotland, with alumni earning an average salary of $67,000.

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