Vancouver Film School
The Vancouver Film School is a private arts school in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It was founded in 1987 and has gained international acclaim. The Vancouver Film School has six buildings on campus spread around Downtown Vancouver. Vancouver Film School now offers 15 post-secondary programmes that teach industry-standard methods and abilities.

Cost of attendance

The average annual cost of attendance for Undergraduate Programs provided to overseas students is 4,207,550 INR / Year. The amount may vary depending on the course chosen, the type of lodging, and the candidate's personal spending habits.


Although VFS does not have residential facilities, the campus is located in the heart of Vancouver, thus off-campus housing near the college should be easy to come across. Students can also contact the VFS Housing Coordinator to gain access to their network of landlords in Vancouver to assist them in their quest for cheap and convenient housing. The typical off-campus cost of living in Canada for a student ranges from 15,000 CAD to 20,000 CAD, depending on lifestyle and preferences. This varies from province to province in Canada.

Acceptance rate

Every year, over 1,000 students join, with approximately 47 percent being international students. The university has an admittance rate of 84%.


VFS has eight campuses and educates over 1000 students in the entertainment arts. Six buildings comprise the campuses, which are located in and around Downtown Vancouver. Award-winning industry professionals provide expert guidance to VSF students throughout their curriculum. Workshops, production spaces, film sets, theatres, studios, screening rooms, green screen rooms, motion and performance capture facilities, computer labs, and other academic prerequisites are available on the campuses. Orientation, health insurance, banking, social networking, student counselling, and other services are available to students. Student events are planned with the goal of educating, developing students' careers, and inspiring them.


Vancouver Film School is Houdini/SideFX-Certified.

Jobs and Placement

To stay in touch with the demands of industry and its students, the institution cultivates particular ties with crucial firms in the sectors of animation, filmmaking, and so on. The following companies have partnered with Vancouver Film School: Autodesk, Adobe Systems, NVIDIA, and Unity. The art school is known for placements in the biggest companies in the media industry including Disney, HBO, Google, Netflix, EA Sports, Dreamworks, Pixar, Warner Bros Pictures, and Paramount Pictures, among others. Graduates of Vancouver Film School earn an average base salary of $146k.

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