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Journey to a successful global career starts with attaining good quality education and what better than to have it in a world class global university in a multi-cultural environment.

Contact us for making your Study Abroad journey a hassle free and successful one.

Counseling for success

ED4WO is home to the top professional counselors that are ready to steer your aspirations on a new path.

Unravel the dream of a child

ED4WO gives you the opportunity to give education to an underprivileged child by simply sponsoring him/her when you finalize your study abroad journey with us.

Our Services

Career Counseling

Career Counseling

Help you to pick the best career option taking into account your individual profile and the market scenario.

Visa Assistance

Visa Assistance

Appyling for VISA is not an easy process, but with the help of our experts it can be remarkably simple.

Study Abroad Counselling

Study Abroad Counselling

By assessing your educational background and career goals, we helps you shortlist programs and universities relevant to your profile.

Finance Guidance

Finance Guidance

Offer a variety of Education Loans that cover college’s fees, books, and housing costs associated with higher education.

Top specialization and courses

The most crucial decision to make is selecting the right career course, which might be tough if not well guided. However, understanding and analyzing your interests, as well as the opportunities available in that field, is vital. ED4WO will support and advise you in selecting the best course for you.

Best countries to seek finest education

Education is acknowledged and valued in all countries throughout the world; yet, if we focus on what constitutes the finest education system in the world, a few countries stand out. Their education systems are not only of great quality, but many of them also have certain distinguishing features that set them apart. So, here are the finest countries for education, as well as the high opportunity indexes.

United Kingdom
New Zealand

The World's Best Universities for Studying

Explore the best institutions that are accepting student applications.

Career Counselling

To help you move up the career ladder.

Unleash your potential with the most advanced career counseling in the Delhi! Browse through the top universities that are accepting student applications now.


ED4WO’s Career Counselling Session in Delhi assists you in the following areas

  • Choosing the best professional pathway and course selection after 12th grade
  • Choosing the best college for the chosen course as well as field of employment
  • Choosing the appropriate career and course for you after graduation
  • Determining the best profession, position, and future job
  • thinking of a Career or a position shift and re-skilling requirements

Why our students love us?

You can fulfil a child's desire for education.

Our students who study abroad through us will have the opportunity to finance a child’s 1 year education which ED4WO will take care of.


Why you should definitely Study Abroad?

Why you should definitely Study Abroad?

The experience of studying abroad can change your life and offer a wealth of advantages for both academic and personal growth. There is no greater opportunity to fully engage with a different culture, broaden your perspective, and develop priceless skills. Here, we...

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