Douglas College
Douglas College, which was formed in 1970, is one of the largest public degree-granting schools in British Columbia, Canada. Douglas College provides 1,000-degree programmes in collaboration with premier universities including as UBC, SFU, the University of Victoria, and the University of Toronto. The college provides a variety of curricula as well as co-op opportunities for students to gain practical experience. Douglas College diploma programmes also include a wide range of topics.

Cost of attendance

When compared to other universities, taking courses at Douglas College can save students up to 30,000 dollars. The average annual cost of attending Douglas College is over 40,000 CAD.


The College does not provide any on-campus housing facilities. However, there is an off-campus homestay service. FCI is a homestay service that provides a safe environment for students. For students interested in staying at a student residence, the college recommends Global Education City Living. The average price for on campus housing is around $4,500. The average off campus cost of living in Canada as a student can be anywhere between 15,000 CAD - 20,000 CAD depending on one's lifestyle and preferences. This varies in different provinces across Canada.

Acceptance rate

Douglas College has nearly 24,000 students enrolled, including over 4210 international students from 92 countries. Douglas College has a 25.0 percent acceptance rate.


Douglas College's two Vancouver campuses, New Westminster Campus and Coquitlam Campus, offer academic and administrative facilities, as well as fitness and recreational areas. The New Westminster Campus does not allow smoking. It has a Gymnasium, Fitness Center, Bookstore, Cafeteria, and various labs for various subjects – Math Lab, Music Lab, Physics Lab, and so on. Building A&B and Building C&D are the two buildings on the Coquitlam Campus. Buildings A&B have a cafeteria, computer lab, bookstore, and library. The Faculty of Health Sciences Labs, Computer Lab, and Health Information Management Lab are all housed in Building C&D.


Douglas College is recognized by the British Columbia Education Quality Assurance program. 

Jobs and Placement

Douglas College has a strong placement record. After completing their studies, 85-90 percent of students are placed. The career centre offers a career boost programme to help post-degree students find the ideal job. Various workshops are organised by career clinics to prepare students for the job market. Douglas College is a low-cost option for overseas students. Many people are interested in it because of the inexpensive cost of attendance and high placement rate. The average annual compensation for Douglas College employees in Canada is C$60000.

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