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University of Suffolk
The University of Suffolk (UOS), located in the historic town of Suffolk, is a highly ranked public institution of higher education in England. It was founded in 2007 as the University Campus Suffolk (UCS), although it did not have the ability to confer degrees under that name. The institution was turned into a university in 2016 and granted degree-granting privileges by the Privy Council. It adopted its current name the next year. UOS is divided into two faculties and has four academic schools and a professional services department. The institution provides approximately 100 undergraduate and postgraduate educational degrees, as well as a variety of professional programmes in the arts, science, education, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, natural sciences, engineering, law, and business.

Cost of attendance

The overall cost of undergraduate studies at Suffolk University ranges from 47,000 to 68,500 USD (35.43 to 51.64 lakh INR). The total cost of attending Suffolk University's graduate programmes, including all expenditures, is roughly 58,000-70,000 USD (43.7-52.74 lakh INR).


Athena Hall, which is adjacent to this structure, is the on-site student housing facility, with around 600 seats in flats and studio rooms. Athena Hall is one of the residence halls on the Ipswich campus. This property is open to students in any year of study, but it may be especially appealing to: first-year students at the University of Suffolk, first-time renters moving out of the parental house, and students new to Ipswich and unfamiliar with the area. For 51 weeks, the Bronze Ensuite costs roughly £5,950. Monthly rent for off-campus housing ranges between 500 and 700 Pounds.

Acceptance rate

Suffolk University has a total undergraduate enrollment of 4,398 students (fall 2020), with 861 of them being international students. University of Suffolk admissions are competitive, with an acceptance rate of 84% and an early acceptance rate of 84.7 percent.


The University of Suffolk has three campuses in Suffolk and England: Lowestoft, Bury St Edmunds, and Great Yarmouth, with the main campus in the historic town of Ipswich. It also has a branch office in Ipswich. The Waterfront Building, located in the heart of Main Campus, includes three lecture theatres and 34 small teaching rooms. The university library, which houses a large collection of rare and unusual resources in written and digital form, is the primary source of information for teaching, learning, and research. These resources are available to both faculty and students. The East Contemporary Art Collection, which is on display in the Waterfront Gallery, is also on campus. 


The University and its entities are accredited by The New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE).

Jobs and Placement

Their staff at the Center for Career Equity, Development, and Success has broad ties to Boston's main industries, as well as relationships with partners throughout Suffolk. They are perfectly placed to assist you in clarifying your job interests and then seeing what you can accomplish with them. They will assist you in seeing yourself in your dream job and will empower you to obtain it. Doctorate is the highest paying degree at Suffolk University, with alumni earning an average income of $103,000.

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