Over the past more than a decade, Study in Canada has gradually and steadily emerged as a highly regarded study destination for highly affordable tuition fees and degrees that are internationally recognized. Attach to it an outstanding standard of living, amazing job prospects, and immigration prospects. This made Study Abroad in Canada stick out as an admired country to study among international students especially Indian students.

That’s the best of the best, isn’t it? Recall the previous time you heard about someone who is grinding in Canada and you got truly fascinated and gave a thought to that opinion.

So through this article, you will definitely make a verdict on whether or not Study in Canada is your ideal destination or not. Study Abroad in Canada will surely give you wonderful exposure in terms of academics and outside the classroom as well.

When it comes to studying in Canada, we have a list of top reasons that can help you decide where to float.

Study in Canada


One of the supreme intentions why students select to Study in Canada is because of the great excellence in education. Edification is a provincial responsibility that assures Canadians that regardless of the form of an educational institute, the standards of excellence continue to be high. The degree a student receives from a Canadian university carries the symbolic meaning of faith and brilliance. You will gain leadership skills, team spirit, communication proficiency, logical intelligence, and team spirit by combining these deeds in Canada’s universities. Some of the bests have made it to the top 100 of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, such as the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University, and McMaster University.


Canada’s tuition fee is impartially inexpensive without compromising on the quality of education when associated with universities of other well-known study terminals such as the US and UK. And when weighing the return on investment is an excellent investment. Moreover, when considering their return on investment, they are brilliant employment options in Canada that offer part-time or full-time work, making it a very feasible option for international students. International students need to find accommodation and funds for their everyday needs in addition to tuition, and Canada’s reasonable cost of living ensures that it is an excellent choice for the majority of students. Furthermore, you can also apply to a variety of scholarships to shrink your educational expenditures. Undergraduate tuition fees for international students are around CA$27,159, Postgraduate tuition fees are around CA$16,497, and an MBA costs around CA$30,570. 


For students who are passionate about science and research, a system of solid emphasis as well as inculcating research zones is a crucial element. Study in Canada is an ideal choice for them because it is acknowledged for its research and engineering. The Canadian government provides special attention and support to research in agriculture, medicine, technology, environmental science, and telecommunications, and among others. Study in Canada offers researchers and scholars the chance to draw their wisdom in relevant fields. In addition, they offer scholarship awards for their research work. 


Part-time jobs are permissible for Canadian university students with solid earning potential, both on and off-campus. Students who are working on campus do not need a work permit, whereas those who are working off-campus can work up to 20 hours per week. In this way, you can also gain work experience in your desired field.

Later on, Canada’s Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PWPP) consents students to stay and work in the country for the next 3 years after completing your program. In the future, you can apply for permanent residency after you gain some international work experience.


Culture and linguistic diversity are among the best qualities of living in Canada. Aside from that, the Government of Canada enables thousands of immigrants to pursue higher education in Canada through university applications from all over the world. International students are welcomed with open arms by Canadians with a wholehearted and friendly attitude. It is wonderful that students can participate in festivals of all ethnic groups throughout the year, and the celebrations are not limited to the ethnic group. Having a multi-national setting encourages peaceful living, which is why a large number of students desire to settle in Canada after completion of their course.


A number of studies have consistently rated Canada one of the safest countries in the world. The safety of students at Canadian universities is a high priority. In 2021, Canada was ranked 10th worldwide in the Global Peace Index. International students are entitled to the same rights as Canadian students. In addition, good quality of life is also equal to having access to basic necessities of life such as clean air, clean water, a sense of space, and the availability of world-class healthcare. And that is why Canada is a priority for many international students.

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